«What happened to the iconic blondie?»: The recent appearance of iconic actress Diaz became the subject of heated discussions

The fans hardly believed that the plain and unattractive woman in these photos is Diaz

However sad it was for her loyal fans and millions of viewers, the 49-year-old actress put an end to her drizzling acting career for the sake of her family. Her crucial decision saddened absolutely everyone.

She is now rarely spotted by paparazzi and hardly even appears in the spotlight of the public. The iconic movie star is, instead, often noticed walking with her little heiress.

Many were simply astonished to see how their favorite actress has changed for the worse. Some were even more than sure that she stopped looking after herself and has turned into a typical housewife.

The opinions of the netizens were again divided. Some rushed to criticize her for putting an end to her career, and some justified her act being sure that the family life is much more important than anything else on Earth.

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