A rare snow leopard’s call into the nature is captured on camera

In the north of Pakistan, a very infrequent and breathtaking moment was successfully caught on camera by a charity organization which was concerned with the leopard’s population number: a gorgeous snow leopard’s call into the jungle.

These kind of animals are believed to be difficult to find and are rather circumlocutory, thus every time they are captured by camera is a real success for wild life explorers and adventurers. At first sight they might seem quite lovable and friendly until you hear the terrible roar they often let out which sounds frightening and blood-curdling.

We can witness a male leopard who is establishing his presence and supremacy in the area letting the female leopards know he is there by making scary roars.

In fact, snow leopards are regarded as endangered species and their existence is now in great risk. Certain organizations are willing to do everything in order to save and multiply these wonderful animals.

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