The old dog got a second chance to live his best life: when the age doesn’t matter   

Having a loyal dog is a gift from God 

When you have someone that means the world to you and suddenly you lost him you lost the meaning of the life with him.

Any animal has emotions like human beings.

They can feel both happiness and sorrow. This old dog also felt sorrow when his owner passed away.

He lived with his owner for approximately 10 years.

He obtained the routine his owner had.

He liked sleeping covered with his favorite blanket with stars on it.

Though his owner passed away, his habits remained.

He went on sleeping in his favorite way in the special place for lonely animals.

As the dog is old enough, 12 years old, the workers at the shelter thought that it would be a complicated task to find a new family for him.

They posted touching scenes of the dog and melted the hearts of the viewers.

They found a new owner for him in this way.

The new owner said that she and her family members were touched seeing posts about him and decided to adopt him.

After some period the old dog got adapted to a new environment and friendly family members.

It is a great pleasure to announce that the dog obtained an excellent place to spent the rest of his life.

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