«What did he find in her?»: This is what the wife of the most handsome Arab man looks like

The hottest Arab man showed his wife and people started to criticize his choice👀👀👀

Here is Omar, a popular and successful model and writer, towards whom no single girl can stay indifferent. He has a great number of fans who can’t help sincerely admiring his handsomeness and hotness. However, Omar is not single.

When the man showed his wife, far not everyone was pleased by his choice. Many believed that he had made a wrong choice and his wife looked like a commoner. Her appearance didn’t make a good impression on the followers of the man.

Whereas he doesn’t care about other people’s opinions, negativity and criticism.

«What did he find in her?», «They don’t look harmonious as a couple», «He could have chosen a girl much prettier than her!».

«Like a commoner», «Wash off your makeup and then we will see», «The man definitely surpasses her in beauty», «Envy silently!».

What are your thoughts on this?

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