«The world’s smallest mother»: The unique woman, despite being only 28 inches, found the love of her life and had three children

This is what the husband and the three kids of a woman whose height is 28 inches look like

Here is S. Gerald who is believed to be the smallest mother on the Globe.

Believe it or not, the height of this unique woman is only 28 inches. Neglecting the advice and persuasions of doctors, she took the risk and gave birth to a child, What concerns her husband, she met him in a store where she used to work as a cashier.

The chosen one of unusual woman is 9 years younger than her and it wasn’t a problem and an obstacle for him to marry a woman with uniqueness. The happy spouses have had three kids and two of them inherited their mom’s uniqueness.

«What did he find in her?», «This is what a true hero looks like», «Love is blind!», «Love makes the world go round», «Wow. Your love knows no bounds».

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