The lost dog never imagined that his life would turn upside down in a minute

It’s important to help others, be it animals or people

When this cutie was found by a passer-by at a bus shelter in Regina, Saskatchewan, he didn’t remain indifferent. He was so frightened and defenseless, so the kind man had to act quickly.

He called Regina Humane Society and informed them about the case. When they arrived there, the poor canine was lying moveless in the same place. At first, they thought that he was frozen, but then when they approached to him, realized that he was just weak.

They acted calmly in order not to frighten the doggie, because he was confused and scared. But when he understood that those people came to help him, he let them touch him.

After taking the cutie to a safe place, the rescuers managed to find his owners at once. They had already reported the dog missing.

Luckily, one more creature was saved and got a second chance to be reunited with his owners.

As for Regina Humane Society, they continue to support those who are in need. Thank you for your great job!

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