A kitty received help from a kind girl and was able to eat independently in a long time

A kitty showed her gratitude with a happy grin 

A poor kitty was found by a kind woman in Turkey, that was seriously injured. An animal rescuer named Abella heard the kitty’s story and considered helping her.

The kitty approached the woman to receive her attention. And without thinking the girl took the kitten home to look after her.

The kitty received a house, where she could be treated.

The girl named the kitty Zizo. And thanks to Abella’s efforts Zizo managed to eat on her own for the first time in a long time. And to show his gratitude the kitty started to grin.

After many weeks Zizo gained weight and developed an outgoing personality. And after two months the kitty was fully recovered and could be reunited with Abella’s family.

She had become one of the pets of the family. And the kitty is already flourishing thanks to the love and care of her family.

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