This amazing couple proved to the world that age doesn’t matter in love  

You will never get too old for love!  

You can’t live without love. It’s an essential part of a human being. You can love your friend, your home, your parents, your country and almost everything around you. You have probably heard many romantic stories or watched exciting movies about love.

Our today’s story is something special and after reading it, you will smile all day long. Our heroes proved to everyone that it’s never late to love, no matter how old you are, because you have your right to love when your heart desires.

This amazing couple loved each other and decided to enjoy the last years of their lives together.

John is a 100 years old World War II veteran and Phyllis Cook is a 103 years old energetic woman. They fell in love with each other and after a year-long date they decided to get a marriage certificate. They think that it’s the most important aspect of their relationship, and the second step, of course, will be their marriage.

They are the sweetest couple you’ve ever seen. They adore and respect each other and try to spend each moment of their lives next to each other. They act like young people, and that appeals to them a lot.

We are sure that we shall hear more about them in the near future.

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