Fortunately, the dog’s life didn’t end there and he got more than he had before

That’s what this dog deserves!

Once a woman spotted a stray dog drowning in Lake Michigan and called for assistance at once.

Luckily, the rescue group arrived on time and managed to save the cutie’s life. Then his story was shared on social media and it touched thousands of people. Many of them wanted to adopt him, but only a woman got the chance to be his owner. Unfortunately, rescuers couldn’t find his previous owners.

When he was taken to a vet clinic, a woman named Brenda Thompson, who had seen his photo on social media, came to see him at once. She decided to adopt him just after the recovery.

The woman adopted another dog as well and there’s no doubt that they will build a strong friendship.

It’s so pleasant to see that one more creature was given a happy life thanks to kindhearted people.

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