The Cuteness of This Dalmatian Dog Is Difficult to Measure Because the Nature Gave Him a Like Itself Right on the Nose

Wiley the doggy loves his owner for sure and it can be seen from his face expression or rather on the nose! It may seem that it was the dog’s spots that fascinated its future owner Lexi Smith but it isn’t so. The girl claims that she chose Wylie out of 10 brother and sisters only because he looked like her: he loved to sleep, hug and eat very much. As Lexi told Wylie hasn’t changed at all during this year he just got fatter!

Wylie is a Dalmatian who has been liked by the nature itself.

His owner Lexi Smith didn’t immediately find out about the peculiarity of the petty.

When she spoke to the breeders it was revealed that Wylie is her canine twin.

Both Wiley and Lexi love to eat, sleep and cuddle. That seems to be a perfect couple, isn’t it ?

When Wylie the cutie was born he had a heart on his nose but everyone thought that it would disappear when he gets older.

But the mark on his nose has only become clearer and now it can be seen from afar.

Lexi and Wiley live in Colorado, USA and the local people already recognize the dog just by seeing his nose.

Now Wylie is already a year old but he doesn’t change his habits and still hugs the owner every moment.

In addition to hugs the doggy also loves to run in the park, in the mountains and wherever the owner takes him.

According to Lexi Wiley is 24 kilograms of craziness, hunger, madness and love.

What will Wiley say about this?


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