This man was recognized as a hero when he fathered 30 orphans and then adopted 3 more  

Such a kind man with a big heart!

Thomas Lamont from Buffalo is involved in adoption for 19 years. During these years he has managed to raise 30 children, providing them with everything they needed.

At first, he adopted five children under the age of 5. They all are each other’s sisters and brothers. Now he is a father of 12 kids.

His story started in 2000 and he was extremely touched when the court allowed him to adopt five children.

Now he has two biological children and 10 foster children living under his care. All of them are happy to have such a loving and caring father by their side.

One of the oldest adoptees is Michael, who is already 27. He remembers the day he first walked into his new home. He has never been sad or disappointed with Thomas, because he is a wonderful father to all his children.

Those who grew up, married and moved to their new homes, but Michael hangs out with them all.

Michael says that his life has changed since the adoption. He got what he wanted and the smile returned to his face.

Thomas doesn’t stop supporting those who are in need and recently he adopted three more children. When he heard that they were looking for homes, he stepped at once.

We wish you good health and patience. We all respect you for your humanity.

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