Patients who are cared for by this cat, get rid of pain more quickly than others: It’s a miracle!  

His behavior, care and big heart will make you speechless 

We know that cats can be useful and helpful, but hearing that they can treat other animals is something incredible. Here’s an exciting story about a black catty, whose actions will make you speechless.

Once a cat named Rademenes was brought to an animal shelter in Poland in a terrible condition. He had a serious illness and the chance of his survival was low. He was taken there by his owners, but they were not sure that their pet would be saved.

However, the staff tried and did its best to make his condition better. Surprisingly, after a short time, the catty began to feel better and healthier.

After a full recovery, the cat continued to stay at the shelter and support other helpless creatures. So for that, the staff named him a «nurse».

He kisses and hugs other patients and enjoys licking their ears. He gets along with almost everyone and has become a real supporter of those who are in need at the shelter.

The staff claims that those who stay under the care of the sweet catty recover more quickly than others. It sound incredible, but it’s true.

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