The pit bull named Meatball doesn’t stop smiling as he is delighted to have been taken from the shelter

How it is important in life to be thankful to those, who help you in one way or another, because you need to be able to respond with kindness to good, not to forget it. It’s amazing, that even animals can be grateful.

This amazing story is about a dog, that not only found a home, but also it is so grateful and cheerful, that we wanted to share this story with you.

Meet Meatball-a pit bull, who melted thousands of hearts with his account with cheerful photos on Instagram. But his life wasn’t like this all the time, once he missed in the shelter.

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But one day his photo, posted by the Fresno Bully shelter on the Internet, was seen by Lisa Reilly, who soon gave love and care to the dog. The fact is that Meatball reminded the girl of her dog, which passed away a few months ago.

Now Meatball has everything he could only dream of and this is a good reason for his big smile! Looking at this cute photos, you can’t keep smiling, as you see that the dog simply glows with happiness!

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