The touching meeting of a dog and his previous owner. The dog filled his eyes with tears

The dog showed his true emotions toward his owner

The golden retriever became a good friend to the owner after many years. The dog turns out to be a real friend of the man, whom he could trust.

The man’s life completely changed when he fell into depression. His beloved one was ill and he gave money for the treatment. Then he lost his job and had to move to the other place to live.

And the man considered giving his dog to his friend to care for. The dog needed a lot of time to become used to his new owner. At first, he didn’t eat anything, but he was accustomed to everything after three months.

Then the previous owner visited the dog and their meeting was very touching. The reaction of the puppy made the owner cry.

The puppy immediately filled his eyes with tears and jumped into his owner’s arms. The dog clearly showed how much he missed the owner. The man felt guilty for not taking care of the puppy.

Dogs love their humans very much and they can be supportive, protective and caring toward us when we are depressed or sad.

So happy for the puppy to finally meet his owner. Hope they are now reunited again.

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