An old army veteran was unbelievably rescued due to his cat’s legendary action

An old veteran faced extreme difficulties and troubles once he fell during taking bath and felt himself absolutely helpless as he was the only soul at home. After a tragic incident he could barely make a move and get out of the bathroom, whereas, all of a sudden, his loyal cat rushed to save his injured owner. The man used to be an army veteran and, several years ago, after falling in love with a stray poor cat, he immediately adopted him and took home. The two friends got attached spending every single day with each other.

The man described it was love at first sight once he saw the kitten. The old man took care of him constantly giving him his love and support, providing with all the necessities and treating as his own child. He also taught him a phrase “The telephone would ring and I would answer “ring-a-ding”. He man had no idea this exact phrase would keep him alive.

The terrible accident happened this way: an old veteran was trying to get out after taking bath and, misfortunately, fell into a wet floor and stayed that way for a relatively long time. He tried to call for help but the things seemed very hard. In spite of the fact that the phone was in the bathroom, he wasn’t able to reach it.

After a while, something unbelievable happened to the poor veteran. The cat eventually perceived something was wrong and heard his owner despondently calling him. The heroic animal took the phone and managed to bring it to him. His legendary action actually saved the man’s life.

The veteran called the help center and, successfully, they arrived in a few minutes’ time. The man was extremely grateful to his cat with the help of whom he stayed alive.

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