«Chandler and Susie were dating in real life!»: The incredible love story of these movie stars will touch everyone

Only a few knew that Roberts and Matthew Perry from «Friends» were dating 🤔🧐

Not everyone knew that Susie and Chandler from the popular TV show were actually dating becoming one of the most talked-about show business couples.

According to the man, she agreed to take her part of his character’s storytelling, yet on the condition that he wrote a paper on quantum physics.

Whereas their relationship soon ended in a breakup because of the popular actor’s low self-esteem. It even took him a lot of effort to start dating her.

Believe it or not, the creator of the series even added an episode where she approached him to ask to write a paper on quantum physics.

He eventually wrote the paper but it was only after a year when they went on a date and started a romantic relationship.

Even during the show, there was a number of flirtatious moments between this pair.

«Why should I go out with you?».

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