A sweet puppy was trapped in a burning house, but kind firefighters saved him

The firefighters’ work was so professional, that the community appreciated him

A woman named Alex Collins is a single mother and she received a heartbreaking call.

Her neighbor told, that her house was burning and her puppy was still inside it. Happily, the puppy was saved, but when the woman arrived she didn’t know whether her puppy is alive or not.

And only thanks to the professional work of the Chico Fire Department, Boo was saved from the flames. They took him to the waiting ambulance, but he was very weak.

His breathing was labored and the puppy had inhaled a big amount of smoke. The volunteers and firefighters did everything to save the puppy’s life, they even placed an oxygen mask over his face.

The puppy named Boo recovered after a week.

The black and white puppy appeared to fit right in at the firehouse. And happily, he was lucky the smoke he inhaled wasn’t dangerous for life.

And he was examined by the vet and he told, that Boo is already getting better from his experience of being trapped in a burning house.

Collins is happy, that her beloved Boo was able to be rescued from the burning house.

One of Collins’ friends started a fundraising campaign and the community considered assisting the single mother. Firefighters are happy whey were able to maintain the woman’s family.

The firefighters are great. They professionally rescued the sweet puppy.

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