This 11-year-old business lady is richer than many successful and major company owners  

No matter how old you are, if you have will power you can gain everything you want

Pixie, the little and rich business lady, attracted all the people’s attention. She set up a business of toy production and had a monthly profit of huge amounts.

Her mother is a PR specialist and helped her to reach success.

She put all her efforts and skills to get those extraordinary toys and because of it, she spent about £22,000 on her birthday party.

She had the best staff that made her day wonderful. Her guests were more than pleased.

She hired the best specialists to entertain her guests and they did their job excellently. At the end of the party she gave her friends presents, bags full of toys of her own production.

Her business story works as a motivation for many people.

Not everyone can get so much salary at a young age.

Her example is proof that the power of will, motivated work and support of surrounding people can lead to high levels

It is worth noting that her mother has great value in this project so her attitude towards her child and her way of praising her child’s ideas must be taken into consideration by parents growing up children.

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