The rescue team helped the small kitten and regularly bottle fed her

A sweet kitten, who needed a playmate and a friend

The poor kitten was found on the freezing street, who was leftover by its mother. She was sent straight to the animal refugee, where she could take care of herself. Her health state was normalized there, but she still needed specialist care.

They called the shelter and required assistance. “We warmed her up even after she came with us. Her eyes were closed. The little cat’s sad state touched the rescue team and they immediately considered to assist her.

The volunteer foster caregiver named Maria started regularly bottle feeding the cat in her house. And soon the cat asked for the bottle and smiled at being saved by her owner.

She ate very good and asked for a bottle every hour. She was gaining weight all the time. Although the cat Loui felt well in her foster home, she still needed a friend and a playmate.

Sweet Loui tried everything to attract other foster cats attention when she finds them in the house.

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