Naomi Campbell has appeared at the center of discussions because of her latest photoshoot  

Be careful before using photoshop!

If you want to change your appearance with photoshop, do it carefully in order others cannot understand it. Especially famous people must be attentive while using photoshop.

Internet has become a place where both celebrities and ordinary people share their lives with others, showing how they live, what they do and how they look.

Now many netizens use photoshop to appear in a beautiful look on social media. In this way, they make their face prettier and become two times more beautiful.

Famous people also do photoshop, but they must be very careful before using it, as thousands of people follow them and they can appear at the center of discussions.

Some time ago 52 years old model and fashion legend Naomi Campbell posted several photos on her Instagram account. One of them was quite unnatural and it’s obvious that she had strongly used photoshop.

She appeared at the center of discussions and people named it «the worst photoshop in history».

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