A Unique Speckled Zebra Cub Was Born at a Kenyan Zoo

In these incredible photos you can see a baby zebra which you have never seen or even imagined before.

The picture was taken two years ago when the photographer Rahul Sadev visited the Masai Mara nature reserve in Kenya. The most common striped zebra gave birth to a baby with a speckled pattern and chocolate color.

The cub stands out against the background of other animals and his coloring isn’t particularly suitable for disguise.

But since the baby lives in the reserve there is no threat to his life.

The photographer named the cub Tyr in honor of the guide who first noticed the unusual animal and hopes to come again in order to see an adult.

Experts say that the chocolate color is associated with the increased production of such a pigment as melanin which provides the dark skin color of the animals.

After the photographer published a picture of the unusual cub hundreds of tourists rushed to his habitat wishing to look at the animal.

An expert of the wild animals reserve tells that the cases of the birth of such zebras in a speck are extremely rare.

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