The police closed the whole highway to save a little kitty’s life

Caring officers had to save the kitty for the second time in a day

They are the most caring people I know. Life is life.

The police of New Zealand received a call telling, that a little orange and white kitty was trying to cause accidents.

Police immediately went to the scene and saw the animal, that was causing everything. They discovered a little kitten huddled against a concrete barrier.

The police published on Facebook, that she was frightened of the policeman and immediately went across three lines of live traffic. But happily, she was able to avoid the worst.

There was no other solution besides closing the whole highway. This idea turned out to be successful and they managed to catch the kitten and bring her to safety.

After half and hour, the kitty was delivered there.

But the kitty was very adventurous, so her journey didn’t finish there.

One of the officers took her to his car and went out to call. When he returned he couldn’t find the kitten anywhere.

The police shared, that he searched everywhere, but unsuccessfully. But then he heard the happiest meow from the dashboard.

The kitten appeared on the dashboard and the officers had to save the kitty for the second time in a day.

And soon the kitten found a forever home for herself. She was adopted by a police dispatcher, who received the call about the kitten.

Now she lives with his new owner and her three daughters. They also have a bulldog named Dobby, so they considered naming her Winky like the elf’s best friend in the Harry Potter movie.

And now Dobby and Winky are getting closer and closer.

The sweet kitty was saved thanks to the caring officers and got medical care.

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