Two sweet kittens had a gorgeous look, as they looked like dairy cows

Sweet kitties, that were adopted at the same time and won’t be separated at all

Two adorable kitties with adorable appearance, long silky hair and a black and white coat were taken to the shelter. They were named Bessy and Angus, that resembles cow names.

They attracted people’s attention by their amazing looks. Who wouldn’t be amazed by this cuteness?

Besides these two sweeties Bessy and Angus also have very sweet actions!

Bessy has the model appearance when she is sitting by the window sill and her beauty is seen even more, when the sunlight comes through the window. Their picture is so amazing, that it seems to be fake.

Bessy and Angus appeared to be very small as their fluffy, cloud-like fur was wet. And they liked to dry their fur in the sun.

Bessy is also a very active and sweet cat.

Bessy and Angus must have sterilization surgery in September. It was vital for their health. And only after that they will be able to be adopted and start a new life on a farm.

And even after that their health continued to be examined. Their faces are as happy as kids being taken to play when they sit on a colorful trolley.

After returning home Bessy carried on to be adventurous. She was trapped behind the sofa’s pillow, becoming a piece of hamburger meat.

And a new owner, who adores them adopts them, which means they won’t be separated.

We hope they are overjoyed and will soon get used to their new home.

Has anyone’s heart been captured by their gorgeous appearance?

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