«The Spanish enchantress got fat»: The vacation photos of Cruz who has gained weight became the subject of discussions

It is hard to recognize one of the hottest film stars who has noticeably gained weight

No one would deny that P. Cruz, the Spanish beauty icon for millions, is one of the most successful and charming actresses in Hollywood. She is also regarded as one of the hottest stars of our time.

The way the «Spanish enchantress» has changed gaining weight lets no single one remain indifferent. Many couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw that nothing was left of the outstanding movie star.

«None of us is getting younger!», «Time is merciless!», «I hardly recognize my favorite Spanish actress», «She has considerably rounded».

«Far not every woman looks this good at this age!», «Every other young girl will only dream of having such a slender body», «God! She is beautiful».

«Flawless she is!», «I can’t take my eyes off this beauty!», «She has changed beyond recognition».

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