Dad had a great idea to give his son a great opportunity to enjoy the view outside from the window  

Now, this duo enjoys watching the outside world together  🐶❤️👶

Connor’s birth was something special for the family dog Lucy, who was connected to him just from the first day of their meeting. Now this duo is still together and they have a great time together.

Lucy has a favorite activity: she loves to watch cars passing by their house through the window. And now when Connor is not so little anymore, the dog wants to enjoy the view with her best friend.

Connor liked it, too, so he began to watch the outside world with his inseparable friend. But there’s a big problem: the child is not so tall to reach the window by himself, so his father came up with a wonderful idea to give him a chance to spend his time with his beloved friend.

He made a little ladder by the window with his own hands. It became Connor’s favorite place, where he spends many nice moments with his canine friend.

Lucy is overjoyed to see that her human pal can enjoy the outside world with her.

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