«What is wrong with the Hollywood star?»: Thurman’s unkempt appearance with a mess on her head came as a surprise

No one was ready to see what 52-year-old actress Thurman looks like off the screen

One of today’s sought-after, in-demand and successful actresses has changed a great deal and her recent appearance caught by paparazzi literally left the netizens speechless.

Her unkempt hairstyle and casual outfit were liked by far not everyone. Many even rushed to intensively criticize the Hollywood star.

What is more, she was captured with her adorable puppy and, seemingly, had no idea that she was being watched by the paparazzi.

«What is wrong with one of the most legendary actresses?», «I can’t believe this is actually her», «I didn’t expect to see her like this», «What a mess is on her head?».

«Envy silently!», «Stop criticizing her! This is totally okay for a 52-year-old woman».


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