The police released the possum, who “took prisoner” the housewife

Getting into a stupid situation is as easy as shelling pears: sometimes it’s enough to went out of the house. Or not. A woman in New Zealand unexpectedly became a “prisoner” of a cute possum, with which only the police could cope.

Imagine: you go out the door, and there is such a thing. Only spiteful

In fact, the possum was much larger, and behaved very aggressively. And it is not the eyes are large, which are full of fear, but a confirmed fact.

Possums only seem like plush toys

The animal jumped on the woman, tried to bite and scratch. The problem is that the possum sat in a tree near the path and blocked for access to the car. So the woman was trapped in her own house by some kind of fur ball!

Cutie, huh? But there are two buts

First, the possums have really big and strong claws

Secondly, they are small, but predator. They tear off the bark from the trees with their claws to get to the bugs, and grump with their teeth lizards, mice, chicks and in general everything, that they find. Possums, of this species, were brought to New Zealand in 1837 for destruction of local animals. They tried to breed them for the sake of fur, but nothing came of it. And now they create a lot of problems in the wild.

However, the police knew what to do-they just took off the possum and took it with them

It turned out to be a frightened cub, who didn’t know how he got to the city, where, out of fear and misunderstanding, he began to act on instinct. But when he was in strong hands, he calmed down. Since nothing terrible happened, he was released without charge.

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