The tiger rescued from the circus now seems like a completely new animal

How she could transform like this!

The name of this unfortunate animal is Aasha. It’s terrible to imagine how she suffered before being saved by Vicky Keahey, the founder of In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Educational Center in Texas.

The kindhearted woman hurried to save the poor creature, who was 9 months old at that time, but she looked like as she was only three months old. All this happened due to people’s inhuman actions. They kept the sweet animal in a circus and forced her to act in front of the audience. They didn’t take care of her well and as a result she became sick and miserable.

Luckily the tiger’s life didn’t end there and she was taken to the sanctuary and stayed under the strong care of Vicky. She did her best to make the animal’s life better and happier, and despite many difficulties she achieved her goal and now Aasha looks completely different.

After a few months, she transformed beyond recognition and became completely healthy and strong.

Now she enjoys her life with other tigers and lives happily in the sanctuary.

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