Meet Barbie: The Adorable Shelter Puppy Who Captured Hearts and Found Her Forever Home

The sweet puppy, who wanted to attract people’s attention to be adopted 🐕🤗

A sweet puppy named Barbie was living in the shelter in New York and wanted to do everything to attract people’s attention.

The adorable puppy wanted people to notice her and found a way to make people play with her. She started stretching her paws through the kennel bars and all the visitors stopped and started playing games with her.

And a volunteer named Manisha Shah was attracted by Barbie’s sweet paws and behavior. And she considered giving her some love.

Shah also told, that she is the sweetest little puppy. At first, when we passed her kennel we gave her treats and said hi and she started flopping around in the kennel attracting attention to be adopted. And she stuck her paws out of the food slot. She is so cute.

Barbie’s previous owners abandoned her and she appeared in the shelter. Barbie was sad and missed her family a lot and considered attracting anyone who came to the shelter.

Shah also told, that she adored hopping around in the yard and playing with stuffed toys and balls. She adored playing with us and we adored her curiosity about everything.

Shah thought Barbie would stay in the shelter for a long time and considered posting her photo on an Instagram page for dogs. And after a little while she received a lot of messages.

Shah told, that the puppy was quickly adopted and one of their followers went to the shelter after seeing their video.

Barbie’s new owners adored her and created an Instagram account for her, where they posted their adventures together. And from now on Barbie would get a lot of attention.

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