“A Happy Ending for a Lost Puppy: Touching Video of Rescue and Love

They liked each other and considered living together 🥲🤗

The story happened in Brazil, where someone was seen leaving a small puppy in the middle of the road. The incident was seen by a bicyclist. She captured it all on the video, but wasn’t able to take the puppy with him. She considered going beck and taking the car and when she returned to the place the puppy was already gone.

The girl searched the area for the puppy for many days, but was unsuccessful. Then she uploaded the video on the Internet and captioned, that she just wanted to know the puppy was safe and sound.

Many people watched the video and there was a man, who searched for the dog for two days and finally managed to find him. He took the puppy and considered keeping him.

Then the video appeared on the Internet demonstrating the puppy happily playing in the man’s backyard. And the video also captured, that the kind man considered saving and keeping the puppy. What a sweet and awesome ending. Just look at their video.

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