A puppy in a jumper is amusingly learning to say “I love you”

Which pet owner has not confessed his love to them?  And who would not want to hear the answer not in a doggy or catty language, but in a more understandable dialect?  This lovely French Bulldog puppy adores its owner and struggles to master the unusual sounds.

It’s like hearing the first words of your child – not very intelligible, but so sincere!  And the reaction of the girl in the photo is more than understandable.  I love you and I will repeat it again – the little dog has something to flatter to the owner for.  For example, she dressed it in a cute knitted sweater!

Come on, it’s just a coincidence, the skeptic and nerd people will mutter.  Besides the fact that dogs cannot speak, they cannot even imitate human sounds.  This is not a parrot for you!  But the puppy again and again diligently repeats “I love you” and it is difficult to doubt the sincerity of his intentions.

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