A Tale of Resilience: Abandoned Dog Finds Hope and Healing in the Face of Adversity

The owners left the dog and moved to their new house 😢🥺

One day the puppy named Patsy was found abandoned and chained up at home, when her owners moved. The Los Angeles-based animal rescue group called Hope for Paws received a call about Patsy’s difficult situation.

Patsy was patiently waiting for someone to notice her, as she was chained up outside of their house.

The creator of the group told, that she was found all alone. The hilltop neighbors saw her and fed and watered her. Then they considered what to do.

They considered not untying her, as they thought it might flee and be stuck by a car.

Patsy seemed to understand after seeing her rescuers approaching and eagerly ate the food they gave.

Patsy was the happiest when she was freed from the metal chain.

Then Patsy was taken to Costa Rica Dog Rescue, where she was treated for her flea and tick infestation at the time.

The next day the local vet examined her and found out a serious illness called ehrlichiosis.

The illness was carried and spread by ticks.

Patsy must immediately be taken to the hospital, although she wanted to play.

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