Unbelievable recovery. The woman overcame her illness with the help of her friendship with her horse

The woman and her special connection with the horse 🐎❤️👩‍🦰

A woman named Rachel is thankful every day for her adorable friendship with her beloved horse named Willow. They became so much in love with each other after she saved her and the woman’s favourite pastime is riding Willow in the nature almost every day.

They adore spending time together, riding along trails, across the beach and in the wild. They have a special connection and it is very important for Rachel.

And after the woman was diagnosed with breast cancer she became even more connected to Willow.

She found peace and inspiration in Willow and was amazed feeling as if the horse also seems to understand something happened with her. She seems to understand, that her owner is sick and needs her even more than before.

When Rachel finished the chemotherapy and went out of the hospital she immediately went to visit Willow. She was seriously sick, but spending time with Willow made her feel better and helped her overcome the hardest time connecting with cancer.

Willow is an important part of Rachel’s life, so she considered moving from her house and living on-site with her horse. Now every morning when Rachel wakes up she could see Willow standing outside and waiting for her.

Cancer changed Rachel’s whole life and she understood the importance of having Willow.

The adorable thing is, that Rachel has completely recovered from cancer and is healthy now. And thanks to her connection to Willow she managed to get through the hardest moments of fighting with cancer.

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