A Melodic Friendship: The Unbreakable Bond Between a Man and a Music-Loving Donkey

The special connection between a man and a donkey, who adored music 🥹🤗

This story showed, that not only humans, but also animals enjoy the sounds of an acoustic guitar. An adorable donkey named Hazel enjoys the notes of a guitar performed by a man named Chris.

Chris often comes to the sanctuary where Hazel lives as he adores animals. But the strongest connection he had with Hazel, maybe because of their shared love for music.

When Chris was already leaving the donkey comes to his car and starts to cry. And it was so touching for Chris, as he understands the importance of his songs for Hazel.

Hazel has been living in the sanctuary since 2001 and Chris started playing guitar for the donkeys living there. But from the beginning it was clear, that the music attracted Hazel the most as she pressed herself against him and got jealous after other donkeys come near to the man.

The music didn’t attract even Hazel’s best friend named Lilly.

But it’s not just all about the music for Hazel.

Chris adores learning new things about the donkey’s curiosity and his amazing ability to open doors and find food whenever she wants.

Chris is happy about his special connection to Hazel and considers it as something miraculous. He enjoys every day spending with the animal and receiving love from her.

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