«Her blue eyes drive everyone crazy!»: This is what Roberts’ daughter looks like who is a copy of her father

Here is what a beauty the «Pretty Woman» star’s blue-eyed daughter has become 🤗🥰

Here is the first public appearance of the charming daughter of the iconic star of «Pretty Woman», Hazel Moder, who charmed absolutely everyone with her unique beauty and unearthly blue eyes.

Regardless of her simple hairdo, the absence of any makeup and simplicity, she looked gorgeous. Her charming eyes drove everyone crazy and people rushed to call her «an angel fallen from heaven». She came in a loose sandy dress and sandals.

Just like her legendary mother, she is for natural beauty and doesn’t wear makeup at all. As we can clearly see from here, she had no foundation and even lipstick.

Many claim that she looks incredibly like her father. They have almost identical facial features, beautiful blue eyes and eyebrows.

However, no one will deny that Hazel inherited her sharp nose and charming smile from Roberts.

Whom do you think she resembles more: her mother or her father?


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