The Unlikely Friendship: Evan and Larry the Friendly Raccoon’s Heartwarming Bond

An unusual friendship story between a man and a raccoon  🦝❤️👨‍🦰

It is always interesting to live near the woods, as many unusual animals can appear from there. A man named Evan was sitting and relaxing in the sunshine, when out of nowhere a sweet raccoon appeared.

He didn’t know a lot about raccoons, but like many people consider them pesky and not sociable.

He couldn’t imagine, that the sweet raccoon can be one of the friendliest animals in the world. She came close to him and took some food out of his hand and eagerly waited for what else he would offer.

Evan didn’t know that she was a girl and named her Larry and looked forward to her daily visits to his garden. And one day she even brought her baby to meet their new friend.

Evan and his former astronaut father Chris considered building a shelter in his backyard for his new friends, with the help of which they would be protected from coyotes and the weather.

Soon after building the raccoon house Evan saw Larry dangling from a tree one day.

The man wanted to help the animal cool down, so he pulled out the small pool with water and also placed some food in the middle of it. And after a few minutes Larry came with her baby to cool down.

During winter months Larry started to come less often and after some times stopped coming altogether. He considers the raccoon to be hibernating, but was sad to see her go.

Evan is very lucky to have such an adorable connection with the unusual animal and he is looking forward to seeing his friend soon.

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