«Beauty doesn’t know any shape and size!»: No one can remain indifferent towards this plus-size, but angelically beautiful girl

The femininity and self-confidence of this plus-size model makes everyone admire her 🥹😍

There is a stereotype that when a girl possesses a slender body and no extra weight, she has bigger chances to be considered beautiful and desirable. But your understanding of beauty will immediately change when you look at this beauty

While others work out on a regular basis and go on diets to gain a desirable body, this plus-size girl completely accepts and loves herself encouraging others to do so.

Besides, she has an excellent sense of style and very often pleasantly surprises her followers with her stylishness and cool outfits.

She is Iskra Lawrence and she isn’t ashamed of her extra weight. Though she wears the size 50, she is fully satisfied with the way she looks. Iskra has become a successful model.

She shows the entire world that it is not necessary at all to meet all the beauty standards proving that even with extra weight one can win millions of hearts.

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