A Husband and a Wife Saved a Dog’s Life By Pulling It out of a Pit With Bitumen

A construction team was working near the multi-storey building.  And it was there that the dog got into a pit with bitumen. The pit was very deep and the dog wouldn’t have been able to get out of it herself.

She was up to her neck in bitumen when the children saw her and told his parents. The couple came and tried to help the poor doggy, but everything was done in vain.

So the owners turned to volunteers. Jane and her husband Mike were volunteers and helped the animals who were in distress. The dog was very scared.  The operation to save the cutie lasted a couple of hours.

Mike was forced to climb into the hole in order to be able to lift the dog which was already exhausted. When the cutie was taken home she was cleaned, given food and taken to the veterinary clinic where the vets said that the dog was pregnant. Mike and Jane left the dog at their home and have given her the nickname Laura.

She was incredibly calm and affectionate. It seems that she is very grateful to Mike and Jane for saving her. Soon Laura gave birth to puppies and more worries developed with their appearance. The puppies also live with them at home by the time they will find caring owners for them.

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