Unexpected Blessings: Stray Pregnant Cat Finds Loving Home and Unexpected Friendship with Dog

Four sweet and healthy kittens were born and their owner found loving owners for all of them 🐱🥰

Erin went out into her garden and saw a kitten, that was coming up to her back door. She wanted to know how long the sociable feline is going to stay and she was amazed to see her several days in a row.

She considered leaving some food for her and the kitty was overjoyed to enjoy it. After eating she went to relax on Erin’s patio and just lay around, and she also wanted to be stroked.

But at first, Erin was hesitant about allowing her in as she had a dog named Murphy. Generally Murphy is friendly to cats, but Erin didn’t know how he would react to a cat entering his territory.

But she didn’t have to worry.

Murphy was happy for the kitty’s arrival and they quickly became friends.

At first, Erin considered the kitty is a male and named her Kevin. But then she took the kitty to the vet and after examination it turned out to be not only female, but also pregnant.

Erin was surprised to learn, that the kitty might give birth any moment, so she found a safe and comfortable place to stay in.

Kevin delivered four healthy kittens. Erin allowed them to be together in their own space for a few days before introducing them to Murphy.

Erin managed to find homes for all the kittens, but she considered keeping the mother. She considered, that it would also be fine for Murphy, who adored kittens.

They are now living happily and are grateful, that Kevin then chose to come to their life, when she needed love and care.

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