The cat tried to cross the road, but stopped on the road. Only by a miracle he was found not under the wheels, but in the arms of his savior

It is unlikely that the cat could explain why he needed to cross to the other side of the road. But for some reasons it was definitely necessary, otherwise he would not have been sitting on the side of the road for fifteen minutes, waiting the right moment to cross the road. As luck would have it, cars were constantly driving along the highway as it was a Friday night!

After some time, the cat decided that it was time to move from waiting to action. At first everything was going well, and the catty ran half the route without the slightest danger. He was already deciding on the final jump when he saw a car that was literally flying along the highway.

The catty stepped back, pressed his ears – and remained in this position when the car passed by.

Other cars rushed past, someone beeped, but the cat remained in one place. It seemed like he was paralyzed by fear.

Sasha was one of those who hurried home that evening. One moment he accelerated on the road, then remembered that it had recently been raining, and slowed down. Sasha was dreaming of a hot dinner, a couple of cans of beer and about tomorrow that it would be possible to sleep for about not less than  ten hours.

Sasha did not notice the cat immediately, so he had to slow down immediately. The man parked the car, turned on the emergency sign, sighed, and opened the door.

It was not so easy to spot the cat on the evening road. But it was difficult not to notice a hundred-kilogram man waving his arms.

In a minute Sasha was beeped several times. The people probably thought  that it was either a city madman, or a drunkard who had completely lost the remnants of the instinct of self-preservation.

The cat was so scared that did not even get out of his hands..

“I’ll take the catty to the side of the road, and I’ll go home myself,” Sasha thought so. And he did not notice how he found himself in his car with a cat in his arms.

The cat made the first attempts of rebellion only after a couple of minutes. And even then he did not really behave badly, only a couple of times he meowed with an interrogative rather than an indignant intonation.

And forty minutes later, it was dinner time. Sasha’s meat dumplings were boiling in a saucepan, the beer reached the required temperature in the freezer. And the cat purred over a disposable plate of canned fish. He would have never been able to explain why he had decided to cross the road that evening. But he knew for sure that this maneuver  would helped him find a home …

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