Kind Stranger Rescues Husky Found on Train Tracks but Happy to Reunite Her with Owners

The caring man tried to find the husky’s owners to return their puppy to them 🐕🥹

A man named Max was out in the car when he found a lonely husky on the train trucks.

The husky was wandering around, but he looked to have an owner. She was in good shape and appeared to be healthy.

She wasn’t like a homeless one.

Max considered the puppy would run away when he approached, but he was amazed seeing her happy to be stroked.

After sitting for a few minutes Max considered taking her to his car, as the train trucks are very dangerous place and he didn’t want the puppy be harmed.

The man immediately took the puppy to the vet, he was sure the husky has an owner and wanted to see if she was microchipped.

But it turned out not to be microchipped and Max considered to hold onto her. He wanted to see if anyone in their area wrote about a lost dog on the Internet, but there was no information.

And as he didn’t have any other options he happily took the puppy home.

His wife said she didn’t want to have a third dog, but he didn’t want to listen the answer no. Then he introduced the husky to other family dogs and they immediately got on well with her. It seemed as if she was one of their pack.

But at night Max received a message from the dog’s owner. He told, that they were on their way to pick her up. Although it was great news, Max was a little heartbroken as he wanted to keep the husky.

But after all the husky was returned to her previous family and was absolutely overjoyed.

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