The sanctuary tigers, that adored cuddling with their nephews 

Adorable tigers with unique white colouring fur

Tigers have made a new record for the species. There are approximately 1240 colour tigers and 350 colour lion on the planet.

They aren’t albinos, they have such colouring due to a genetic modification. Tigers have lived in this place before. And one of them is known to be the biggest tiger of all.

He is a huge, but kind animal, who adores playing with his nephews and guardians, although he is 921 pounds. The breeders were amazed by the fact how quickly the tigers have grown.

He looked at them daily and they appear to be becoming bigger. The biggest of four tigers also has an unusual characteristic and adores being in the middle of attention.

He will become considerably taller when he grows up. These animals are the most gorgeous ones in the sanctuary. Write your opinion about them.

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