The heart-touching story. The kind man rescues all the animals he can from disasters

People should help animals in every difficult situation they appear 🤗🥹

This story is so touching.

One of the volunteers of Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue named Keith Benning is absolutely dedicated to his work. He always goes to the disaster zones to rescue as many animals as he could.

But he does it unusually.

He performs it with a lot of love. He does all the possible things to help animals get into the safety and he wants to make sure, that others will take care of their medical assessments, treatment and rehoming process.

Most of his time he spends in the Keith’s animal shelter. He spends one-third of his life by rescuing and adopting animals.

And he adores being around animals, that’s why there are many animals in his section. And in 2014 Keith opened a nonprofit organization, that struggled to keep afloat. Then he was rescuing almost 20-30 animals each month, but now it has grown to be 60 and 100.

In seven years he has rescued approximately 4000-5000 animals, which is a really magnificent thing. He, together with his team has even undergone a wealth of animal training to be sure they are trained enough to do such important work.

Their great aim is reuniting the dogs with their owners. If they didn’t have an owner, they clean them, feed them and then search forever homes for them. It’s a long and tiring process, but they are happy performing it.

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