«All girls’ hearts now belong to these two!»: This is what Pamela Anderson’s two sons look like today

Fans couldn’t take their eyes off Anderson’s sons who have grown into heartthrobs 😲😍

P. Anderson is not only an iconic beauty and an influential celebrity, but also a powerful and talented woman who built a drizzling career. Yet, their personal life can hardly be called an easy one.

Here are the handsome sons of the iconic star – Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jaggar who are respectively 25 and 24 years old. According to many, they have become real heartthrobs.

Brandon decided to follow in his legendary mother’s footsteps and has engaged himself in acting and modeling. He succeeded in both of these spheres and signed several major contracts.

The younger one takes a great interest in modeling. He has participated in various commercials and photo shoots. Like his father, he shows great interest in music.

Their iconic mother is currently 54, yet she hopes to find the love of her life and feel the delights of motherhood one more time even considering the IVF procedure.

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