Incredible Transformation: Rescued Kitten Guinness Finds Love and Happiness in Forever Home

His transformation looks incredible! 🥹🤗

His eyes immediately attracted rescuers’ attention, because they were the biggest thing on his face. The poor animal was found in a terrible condition. He was about three weeks old and weighed no more than 100 grams.

Rescuers hurried to take him to the shelter.

One of the most kindhearted volunteers Betty decided to take him home and took care of him by herself. She knew that it was not an easy task, but she agreed to make him the happiest catty in the world.

At first, the kitten was fed from a syringe, then when he became a bit older, he learned to drink milk by himself.

The kitten was named Guinness. He began to feel better and healthier day by day. She became active and energetic. And all this thanks to the great efforts of Betty and her family.

After a short time, Guinness gained much weight and became strong and healthy. He created a strong bond with his foster mother and other members of the family.

Then Betty understood that she cannot live without Guinness and decided to adopt him, making him the permanent member of the family.

Now the sweet catty enjoys his time with his beloved owners and is the happiest pet in the world.

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