The grey seal was given a big cake with ice fish for his 31st birthday and the photos showed his amazing reaction

An extraordinary gift for the seal’s 31st birthday

Birthday is the best moment to share your real emotions towards someone.

And according to the English reserve Cornish Seal Sanctuary animals also must have such attention.

For his 31st birthday the big grey seal, named Yulelogs an enormous fish cake.

There were many adorable situations in Yulelogs life and he was grateful to people for them.

He was saved as a child in 1989 and was taken to one of the marine parks in the north of England.

But soon the organisation was closed and the people had to release the seal to the wild.

The Yulelogs problem was that she was used to people and couldn’t get food by himself, but people haven’t taken this fact into account when the park was closed.

And the seal started to swim up to the people, having a hope, that they would feed him.

And as a result many complaints began to come to the local animal welfare organisation and they decided to recapture Yulelongs.

The seal was adopted for the second time, and at that time it weighed only 132 pounds. While usually they weight 550 pounds.

Now Yulelogs is 31 years old and and it’s an important date for the organisation staff.

In fact the selas, that live in the wild didn’t live up to 25 years.

It’s amazing, that Yulelogs was able not only to live up to this age, but also he remained cheerful and happy.

And also his gift for 31st birthday also made him happy.

His pleasure was captured and you can see, that he still thinks how to get the fish out of the ice.

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