A Tale of Resilience: Abandoned Dog Finds Hope and Healing with Rescue Group

That’s how people care can change someone’s life  🥹🤗

This poor creature was noticed wandering the streets of the American city of Detroit. He was weak, dirty and helpless. He had nothing but a little toy in his mouth.

Passers-by were touched by the scene, so they posted his picture on social media in the hope of supporting him in this way.

His photo became famous all over the Internet and a lot of animal lovers reacted to it at once. Then a rescue group offered its help and they hurried to the scene.

As soon as the staff brought the dog to the shelter, they provided him with much care and attention. He was named Nikki and got a second chance at life.

According to the staff, the poor animal had been wandering the streets for several months after losing his owner.

Nikki passed through some medical examination and it turned out that he had several health problems. He also had to undergo an operation on his stomach where plastic bags and wooden branches had been found.

The dog had to be on a diet and eat only heathy food. But he was very brave and managed to overcome all the difficulties and became healthy and strong again.

He was very grateful to his rescuers and couldn’t stop hugging them to express his big love towards them.

Nikki is ready for adoption. Soon he will meet his new family.

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