«Nothing is impossible to a willing heart!»: The incredible story of this girl with special needs will surprise you

This is how the fate of «the Girl on the Basketball» has turned out years later 🤔🤗

Here is Q. Hongyan whose incredible story encourages millions in the world. She serves as a prime example of how one can achieve goals and live a life to the fullest being unique and not like others.

The whole thing is that she had a terrible car accident at the age of four as a result of which she, unfortunately, lost her two legs.  Because of the lack of financial opportunities, she used a basketball instead of prosthetic limbs.

Once the incredible story of this poor girl became known, netizens couldn’t remain indifferent and started to openly support her. People started to call her «the girl on the basketball». Absolutely everyone admires her courage and determination.

Only at the age of 8, she had a great chance to put on prosthetic limbs and could take her first steps. She had always had a cherished dream of learning to swim and now she was able to do that. Only in 2016, her dreams turned into reality.

However unbelievable it may seem, she has become a triumphant champion swimmer with numerous medals and worldwide recognition.


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