«Like wine, she gets better with age»: Aniston’s natural look while promoting a new product surprised the fans

Everyone’s favorite Rachel from «Friends» still wins hearts with her ageless beauty 🥹😍

Here is everyone’s favorite character from «Friends» who has recently dazzled absolutely everyone with her ageless beauty and charisma. She proudly showed her gray hair roots supporting her natural beauty.

The celebrity of «Morning Show» was promoting a new hair product from a famous brand. She brilliantly showcased it and. the fans of the movie star highly appreciated her honesty and fearlessness to show her natural look.

There were also people seen in the background. She joyfully exclaimed, «Oh, thank you. You see, everyone’s excited. We’re excited too».

«How praiseworthy it is that she has no fear of possible criticism», «Our favorite Rachel doesn’t know how to age», «Am I the only one who can’t understand how she looks this good at her age?», «Simply fantastic!».

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