A Sleeping Beauty with a Purpose: Meet Brody, the Therapy Dog Bringing Joy and Comfort to All

The therapy dog, who comforts everyone during his work 🐶🥰

Have you ever dozed off at work or in class after a hard day? It’s clearly something all of us had gone through no matter it lasted a minute until we’ve been woken up by a friend or colleague.

But can you imagine a situation when you just fall asleep in the middle of a ceremony organized for you? Such a funny story happened with a sweet K-9 comfort dog named Brody, who just fell asleep during his swearing-in ceremony in Rhode Island.

The sweet puppy woke up early for his swearing-in ceremony and couldn’t control his desire to sleep.

Brody’s owner told about his character, that he plays very hard and then sleeps hard. But what is tough is that he sleeps a lot.

The puppy was so excited and touched for the big event, that he just couldn’t control his desire and slept just in the middle of the event. The pictures captured the moment when he makes a comfortable place for him on the desk and just slept, leaving the officers to do the ceremony.

Brody is now a member of the Bristol Police Department and they were considering a lot of options before deciding to use Brody. Some workers advised bringing a bomb-sniffing or narcotics dog onto the team, but Officer Mederios had other plans.

He suggested a therapy dog, who would be much more effective and Brody joined the team. And all the other workers were happy for the therapy dog’s arrival and it became a Christmas gift for them.

Brody came to the team in 2020 during the pandemic. The officers were worried for the new dog’s arrival, but Brody soon got used to his new surroundings and played an important role in the team.

Officer Mederios told, that Brody makes people happy and less stressed, as people get anxious in law enforcement. But by seeing Brody they just want to pet him or hug him, which is the sweetest thing.

Brody’s work is visiting schools and nursing homes. He will also help officers to comfort the victims of crime, which is an important job considering how much people struggle for everything in the world.

Brody slept through the ceremony, but when it comes to his work he is very attentive and follows every instruction. Officers are extremely happy to have him in their team.

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